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Personal Training Studio Allentown

Personal Training

After a free consultation, Alissa will work one on one with you to create the perfect workout plan to reach all of your fitness goals. Depending on your goals each session may consist of a combination of the following specialized areas: weight training, flexibility training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, pilates, core barre and functional fitness.

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Small Group Training

After a free trial session and consultation, Alissa will work with you to create the perfect workout program to help you reach your specific fitness goals. Your workout program may consist of a combination of mat pilates, reformer pilates, Core Barre, cardio dance and Sexy Strength. Each group session will have 3-7 people, which ensures that you will receive personalized attention and the most effective workout possible.

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Mat Pilates

Are you looking to trim and tone your midsection while improving the health of your back? Then mat Pilates is just what you’re looking for! The class uses specific mat based exercises to target your abs, booty, hips and thighs. Whether you you’re new to fitness or avid exerciser, mat Pilates can help reach your goals!

Virtual Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates (Invitation only. Must qualify)

Pilates on the Reformer utilizes the principles of pilates to work your core, upper and lower body. The reformer has spring based tension with a movable carriage, a foot bar (for leg press like movements and planks) and straps to stretch your legs, work the upper body and abs. The class is beneficial and appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Barlates is a high energy, low impact, fat burning workout. Its focus is on intensive isometric movements that sculpt the thighs, tone and firm the buttocks, flatten the abdominals and define the arms. Focused stretching to lengthen, tone and increase flexibility compliments a total body workout. Barlates incorporates current biomechanical principles of Pilates, Ballet and general fitness concepts and is available to all fitness levels for those that safely want to change their appearance and have fun doing so!

Virtual Group Exercise

Cardio Dance

Cardio dance is an hour class that’s so fun you’ll forget it’s a workout! During this workout you’ll move and groove to all your favorite songs from the 50s until today. Each class will work every part of your body, while focusing on burning fat and strengthening the core. No prior dance experience is needed, all levels welcome!

Virtual Group Exercise

Sexy Strength

Sexy Strength is a workout which combines light cardio, dance, barre work and pilates with a fun and feminine twist. Each class will incorporate strength and cardio movements that are specifically designed to help tone your legs, arms and core! Get ready to wiggle your way to a better body!

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Intermediate Reformer Cardio Jump (Invitation only. Must qualify)

Are you looking to burn calories and tone every muscle in your body? Reformer cardio jump combines classic Pilates toning and abdominal work with jumping intervals using the trampoline while lying down on the reformer to help rev up your metabolism. This high energy class will help you to bounce your way to better fitness!

Personal Training Studio Allentown
Personal Training Studio Allentown

Specializing in workouts for

  • Pre-natal
  • Older adults
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain and post-rehabilitation
  • Back pain and post-rehabilitation
  • Knee pain and post-rehabilitation
  • Hip pain and post-rehabilitation