Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer based in Allentown, Pennsylvania will help you to achieve all your fitness goals!

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    I have been working with Alissa for over a year and notice a big difference in my stability, strength and cardio fitness. She comes to my home 3 times a week and changes up the routines so it is never boring. We do everything from walking, toning, weights, pilates and aerobic dance. Alissa has a great personality and is a good motivator.

    ~ Michelle J.
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    Knowledge, patience and guidance. Alissa provides all three to create a personal experience! Enjoying learning and feeling more flexible and empowered and more ease with each lesson. Highly recommended. So glad you are available on a personal appointment via my laptop. Lovely training experience!

    ~ Nalyn M.
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    Alissa is an excellent instructor! I felt comfortable with her but was skeptical about training remotely over Zoom. To my surprise she makes it work! I was amazed how she was able to get me to isolate muscles through explanation and example. She’s also very patient… if one approach just isn’t working, she finds one that does! I will absolutely be working with her on a regular basis and will recommend to my friends!

    ~ Jqy A.
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    Great first evaluation. Professional. Very comfortable that she has a doctorate in this. Funny, friendly and really compassionate. Talked about how I feel and needing a positive attitude. She is going to help me be the Grade Dame I want to be at 70!! I am on my way!!

    ~ Debra F.
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    Great zoom session with Alissa for mat Pilates!!! Alissa gives explicit instructions & what you should be feeling. This was my first experience with a zoom Pilates session & it was great!! I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself!!!

    ~ Robin G.
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    Body Design by Alissa is incredible. I feel great and her personal instruction during the class really helped me target and strengthen. Very energizing and invigorating. Her online class allowed me to do all that from the comfort of my own home.

    ~ Vanessa P.
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    Fantastic first remote session. Alissa's assessment process is professional and complete, identifying goals, current status, and eliminating any safety concerns. She took me through some basic exercises, some I already THOUGHT I was doing on my own, and gave specific cues to correct and improve my technique. I definitely learned that Alissa is observant and a good Zoom coach. I would highly recommend.

    ~ Sam R.
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    I was over 50 when I needed to find a personal trainer to deal with back, hip, and knee issues caused by arthritis, injury, and weight. Because of her education and experience, I trust Alissa to help me get into better shape while paying attention to physical restrictions and without causing harm. She designs customized exercises to address my particular needs. For the first time in my life, I like working out!

    ~ Louis D.
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    When I signed up with Alissa to do Pilates, I was skeptical that Pilates was a “real workout”. I thought I would do few sessions and move on. Well, it has been over a year now and I am still doing it. Two reasons kept me in the game: First, my back pain said good bye to me after 2 months of Pilates. A pain that I endured for few years was just gone. Second, Alissa’s knowledge not only in Pilates but in body mechanics and massage were of tremendous help to me when I managed to injure myself –a number of times- while lifting weights. Patiently and sensibly she worked with me to help me recover and on a number of occasions she adjusted the workout sessions to accommodate my body needs. Knowledge, professionalism and sensibility are what Alissa offers to her clients.

    ~ Hiam N.
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    I have been taking virtual mat pilates classes with Alissa since January 2021. When I started the classes with Alissa, I explained to her that my back and left shoulder were sore from sitting in front of a computer. Covid-19 affected my working conditions and I needed to take action be healthier. Pilates has strengthened my core and improved my posture. The classes have also given me a support network. The fellow students who attend my weekly class are motivated, supportive, and positive. I look forward to my weekly classes as they have been beneficial to my physical health and mental health.

    ~ Melissa M.
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    Alissa is very understanding of my disability and ability.....she adjusts my workout based on how my body is reacting that day, and believe me, it changes! Sometimes changes during the workout! Very patient and accommodating!
    Look forward to each week when we meet

    ~ Laura B.