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Personal Fitness Trainer & Coach based in Allentown, Pennsylvania specializes in personal, fitness training, pilates, knee, shoulder, hip pain rehabilitation, aerobic, anaerobic conditioning and more

Body Design By Alissa

At Body Design by Alissa, we believe in having fun while exercising and building personal relationships. We care about you and are personally invested in helping you reach your fitness goals. We want to get to know you and will create a program that will help fit your lifestyle, budget and specific fitness needs. Body Design by Alissa is a small boutique training studio, not a big get-lost-in-the-crowd gym. We specialize in giving you individualized, unique, specific attention that provides you with accountability, results, and support. Our studio makes you feel comfortable. And… did I say we have a lot of FUN, yet?

We look forward to getting you into the best shape of your life!

Alissa Harakal (owner)

Alissa’s passion for exercise and fitness began at the age of 3 when she had her first dance class. She still enjoys all forms of dancing today and integrates it into her workout routines.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, Alissa took a year to complete a certification in massage therapy. She then received her master’s degree, specializing in biomechanics and knee osteoarthritis. While attending her master’s program, she helped run a stage II cardiac rehabilitation program.

Alissa continued her education at the University of Michigan for two more years in pursuit of a PhD in biomechanics.

Alissa now owns and operates Body Design by Alissa, LLC. Her days consist of laughing with her clients and supporting them in staying healthy, fit and vibrant.

Alissa is committed to the highest quality of training in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Integrating dance, personal training, pilates and massage creates a unique approach to fitness. She is regularly reassessing her own training techniques and those of the Body Design by Alissa instructors by requiring completion of new certification programs and staying up-to-date with the latest fitness research and methods.

Alissa currently holds the following certifications:


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Free Fitness Session

Call today for a free fitness session. Your fitness and health is personal… really personal. That's why I connect in-person with each and every client. Your unique challenges and goals are what I care about, so let's talk. From there we craft an exclusive fitness program just for you, so you can rise above your challenges and get results.

I will call you within 24 hours or on Monday if you've contacted me over the weekend.

Your personal information is kept 100% safe and private. We don’t share it with anyone. We hate that too.