Show Off Your Pilates Abs With Cardio Dance!

  • Body Design By Alissa

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Today’s blog is dedicated to help show off the toned abs you created through your pilates practice.  Although strengthening exercises are essential to creating a lean, sculpted body and increasing metabolism, cardiovascular training is important to total body transformation.  Not only is cardio necessary to burn the fat that covers muscle, it is also a vital component to cardiac health.  What better way to help increase tone in your abdominals then with latin and hip hop inspired dance moves.  Below is a 30 minute playlist plus dance ideas that will get your heart pumping and abs crunching!


Carry Out (Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake) 3:53 minutes: Your Warm-up should consist of large body movements, but at a slower pace.  During the warm-up, perform step touches and swing your arms to the beat of the music, perform shoulder rolls to warm-up the upper body, and then begin adding hip movement into your dancing (gently).  As the song progresses allow your movements to become bigger.


Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan) 3:42 minutes: This song is a cha cha.  Swing your hips from side to side with your best latin flare with the rhythm of (1,2… 1,2,3).

Conga (Gloria Estefan) 4:16 minutes:  This song is a salsa.  Continue with your latin flare and swing your hips with the rhythm of 1,2 and hold.

Hypnotico (Jennifer Lopez) 3:36 minutes:  This song is latin pop.   Hypnotico is a fun, sassy song, so channel your inner diva to strut and twirl your hips as fast as you can!

Shots (LMFAO) 3:39 minutes:  This song is fast paced hip hop.  Shots is always a class favorite!  High energy step touches and chest pumps work perfectly with this song.  Chest pumps work particularly well with the chorus! 🙂

I Need To Know (Marc Anthony) 3:49 minutes: This song is a cha cha.  Here’s a chance to catch your breath and to work the obliques again while your hips sway from side to side.

Mickey (Toni Basil) 4:16 minutes: My favorite bring it home cardio song!  Find your inner cheerleader and have fun with this song!  Do a pony step, an old school cheerleader (kick yourself in the butt) run, or high (or as high as you safely can) kicks.  Make it high or low intensity, the song is so upbeat that you’re heart rate will be elevated no matter what!


Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Ricky Martin feat Christina Aguilera) 5:05 minutes: Start off the cool down by slowly swaying your hips to bring the heart rate down.
When you feel ready begin stretching all the muscle groups you worked (including the upper body).

Total workout time: 30:56 minutes